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Collect data from anywhere

Collect HTML content from any website with our simple API.


Collect data from any type of webpage

WebScrapingAPI manages in the backend all possible blocking points such as proxies, Javascript rendering, IP rotations, CAPTCHAs, and many more.


Easy to use,
easy to customize

Our advanced features allow you to customize your requests based on your specific needs, play with: headers, IP geolocation, sticky sessions, and much more.


Lightning-fast scraping, enterprise-grade scaling

Over 10,000+ companies collect 50+ million pages every month on our API. Benefit from high-level professional services using WebScrapingAPI.

Next generation infrastructure

We employ only the best technology at WebScrapingAPI, from our server hardware to the software we run.


Amazon Web Services

Powered by Amazon Web Services and its global data centers. Everything is interconnected over its premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure data transport.


Speed obsessive architecture

We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure your target website loads in the blink of an eye, and you get the HTML content instantly, featuring complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability.


High quality services

Working with large volumes is our specialty. We serve millions of API requests every month with absolute stability and uptime. We can handle anything you throw at us.

99.99% Uptime
Automatic Scaling
24/7 Monitoring

Global rotating proxy network

— Forget about IP blocks —


100M+ Rotating proxies at your fingertips

Access our unique, extensive pool of IPs across hundreds of ISPs, supporting real user devices and automatic IP rotation to increase reliability and avoid IP blocks.


Datacenter, mobile & residential proxies

Offering speeds up to 100 Mb/s, unlimited bandwidth, and IP type diversity, our infrastructure makes it easy to build unblockable, fast, and scalable scrapers.


Around the globe geotargeting

Choose from 12 locations to send your web scraping API requests, with 195 more available for enterprise customers, or just use random locations.


Unlimited bandwidth

Don't waste time with expensive proxy providers. We offer unlimited bandwidth and charge only for successful requests.


Scraping know-how

At WebscrapingAPI support, scraping knowledge is not an afterthought. It’s our number one priority. Our team speaks scraping fluently and has experience in troubleshooting.


Top reaction time

Our uptime checks allow us to react to issues before they affect our API performance. It allows us to be proactive in our support efforts.

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

avatar Nic Stevens

WebScrapingAPI has enabled us to streamline the data capture process with the help of Javascript rendering.

avatar Sam Coren

WebScrapingAPI has helped us grow our business. The customer support has been amazing, and honestly, if we went with another company, we would be lost.

avatar Grace Dilworth

Very impressed so far. Moving over from previous work with ScrapeStack, and their support (Hellen did my onboarding and is very helpful) and product are top-notch.

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Get started with 5,000 free API calls.
No credit card required.